Trust is earned!

Misuse of a voter-approved road bond by a previous administration shattered the public trust, resulting in the defeat of a subsequent road bond in 2011. Diverting funds to the failed Green2V project instead of the road repairs we voted for certainly caused the removal of our previous city manager.

So, how do you regain trust lost? By keeping your word, and going the extra mile of letting the public see the projects promised delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Those promises are being kept! In March 2015, the Rio Rancho residents approved a $9 million general obligation bond to repair roads in our community.

The city used this money to resurface Sara Road and to reconstruct High Resort Boulevard. Both of these projects were completed on time and under budget.

The savings from these projects will be used on the reconstruction of Southern Boulevard scheduled to begin in the near future.

This March, residents are asked to continue trusting the city to spend $10 million redoing roads. A list of the roads to be improved is available on the city’s website.

This proposal will not increase your property tax rate and will keep the city moving forward on essential infrastructure.

I encourage you to vote “yes” on the city’s general obligation bond question. Investing in our community just makes common sense and promotes Rio Rancho as a great, safe place to live, work and play.

Jim Owen

District 1 Rio Rancho City Councilor

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