Anyone learning how to play the game of chess usually makes the rookie mistake of not thinking a few moves in advance. A player may find instant gratification taking a knight with a pawn but not see the inherent danger they are in if they follow through with the move exposing a more valuable piece.

The holidays always bring out the giving in people and many places like Storehouse West, St. Felix Pantry and Goodwill bulk up on staff in anticipation of an influx of goods.

When we respond to “How’s it going?” with “Another day in paradise” or “Living the dream,” that’s a subtle way to let people know how fortunate we are to be vertical for another day.

Rio Rancho and communities across the nation will pay tribute this coming Saturday to the millions of veterans who’ve served in our country’s military as we commemorate Veterans Day.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) is beginning the second year of the #MyReasonWhy campaign, designed to showcase the tremendous value that high school sports and activities offer to students.

Most reporters do their upmost to stay informed and ask questions on the public’s behalf. For many of us this is a given, but there are times when transparency or lack thereof can slow down communication and the public’s understanding of a particular issue.

We’re one week into “Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” observed nationally each year to raise attention to the problem and the need to support organizations that provide service to victims of abuse and their families, as well as to celebrate the survivors.

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How does a local government get viable information regarding what the citizens it serves think is going well or would benefit from improvement? How does a local government ensure that a vocal minority viewpoint is not dominating discussions pertaining to decision-making, priority setting, or…

We firmly believe a quality education is important for everyone, and although sometimes the schools and teachers in the City of Vision aren’t receiving all A’s, nor the high schools attaining 100 percent graduation, we are confident our administrators and teachers are doing the best job they can.

What does a forest fire in the Jemez Mountains, a collapsed gravel mine in Placitas and a lost hiker in Sandoval County have in common? Over the last few weeks, it’d be Sandoval County Fire Chief James Maxon and his team of firefighters and first responders.

Even when the very best of intentions are in play, bureaucracies can sometime find themselves at odds with the people they serve. Such is the case regarding a recent concern expressed to the City of Rio Rancho by Dianne Goodman.

Elsewhere in this issue, readers will learn about the final moments of County Manger Phil Rios’ reign in office. Having fulfilled one leadership position or another in the area since 1990, Rios has been in the captain’s chair of Sandoval County for the past six years.

When news broke last month that two men had escaped from the Sandoval County detention facility, the community was understandably concerned. One of the escapees, Paul Anthony Garcia, had been charged in a fatal auto accident, and fleeing the scene. This heightened the concern for area reside…

The annual rite of passage is upon us again, as graduates of our high schools prepare to move their tassels and navigate forward to the next chapter of their young lives. It is a time and ceremony worthy of celebration, joy and hope for the future.

In recent years, with little fanfare, the Sandoval County Commission and administration have run about as close to a well-oiled machine as one could hope for. But in the aftermath of the 2016 election, which seated three new commissioners, a seemingly disruptive — and at times drama-laden — …

Across our country, many things divide us as a people. But a chief dividing wedge is over the fundamental role of government. There are two distinct philosophical positions. Some believe government at all levels should be deeply and directly engaged in a multitude of aspects of American life…

We can’t say whether Sara Road has benefited from the luck of the Irish, many years after a large shamrock (see page 1) began showing up annually at the intersection of Sara and Southern.

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